Build and Run your quantum circuit on four devices with qBraid

Let Qbraid help you take your first step into the quantum world

Sara A. Metwalli


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Quantum computing is one of the technologies that has recently gained much attention from the media, researchers, and individuals. With its promise to contribute significantly to the future of technology and humanity, many curious minds wondered how to learn more and get involved in the field.

One of the drawbacks that may hold some back from getting started with quantum is all the tools you need, from knowledge of some maths and physics to the software you need to begin building quantum circuits. Luckily, you don’t need to know everything about quantum (because no one does) to start creating and running quantum circuits. So instead, you will learn most of the knowledge you need as you go.

Today, different companies offer access and software packages that you can use to build and run circuits. Some of these companies are IBM, Google, Amazon, and Xanadu. All these companies use Python as the core programming language. So, to use any of their devices, you must create an account with them, download the packages (and their dependencies), and start coding.

If you have ever dealt with software before, you must know how troublesome dealing with dependencies can be. To avoid dealing with that, qBraid offers a complete ecosystem that you can use to start building and running your circuits on different devices without needing to download anything. All you have to do is create an account and start building.

This article will take you through creating an account with qBraid, building a simple circuit, and running it on four devices.

Get started with qBraid.

To start using qBraid and build circuits, you only need to head up to qBraid and create a free account. Once you do, you will be taken to the main qBraid page, where you can navigate different options. You can watch an intro video for 4 mins to get started with the platform quickly and easily.

Suppose you want to start building circuits immediately. In that case, you can launch the lab, decide which environment to use, and start building. When you signup for qBraid, you will get a…



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