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Sara A. Metwalli
Ph.D. student working on Quantum Computing. Traveler, writing lover, science enthusiast, and CS instructor. Get in touch with me

Build a better portfolio, develop your expertise, and earn money

Let’s be honest, being a data scientist in 2021 is not easy. Although the demand for data scientists is still high, and the supply is also as high, finding a job in data science can be very challenging and, at times, frustrating. If you’re a data science newbie, who just got done learning the basics, built a few projects, and is ready to apply for jobs, then you know that getting a job is not that easy.

Even entry data science jobs require some experience — I will not get into how that doesn't make sense. But, to gain the…

Better visualizations help prove your effort

If you read some of my other articles, you must have noticed that I tend to repeat a couple of sentences, like “data science is all about data,” or “ you can’t spell data science without data,” or my personal favorite “as a data scientist, you’re just attempting to deliver your data’s story.”

In my opinion, data scientists are a special type of storyteller. They get handed a dataset, often messy and unstructured, and then they are required to refine this dataset, find its patterns and trends, and help deliver the story it tells. …

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on quality database management

You can’t say data science without data; data science is essentially a science field that tries to translate and deliver that data’s story and use that story to make better business decisions in the future. So I’d argue that getting to the hidden story the data is trying to tell is essentially what data scientists do every project.

Handling your is probably the most important task you’ll have, and usually, you will do so using some kind of database, either a local one or a server-based one. …

Version control can be less of a hassle with these resources.

If you’re into tech, a programmer, a data scientist, or a web or app developer, then you know that one of the essential skills you know you need to master —or at least try to — is version control, or in particular, Git. Of course, there are different kinds of version control systems out there, but Git is probably the most known and used one.

Git is an example of a DVCS (Distributed Version Control System). In a distributed version control system, the history of your software is not stored and kept on a single device; rather, it is distributed…

Learn Python regardless of your technical background.

If you’re new to the tech field, and more precisely the programming world, then you must have gotten the advice that one of the best languages for you to start with is Python. However, even if you know a programming language, Python is widely used; you must’ve crossed paths with it or had to learn it for a project.

There are many reasons why Python is a prevalent programming language today; it’s easier to learn than other languages, it’s very versatile and can be used in many different applications, and it has a huge community to support newcomers or anyone…

Sometimes, having a certificate can be the validation you need

Python is one of the popular and commonly-used programming languages for many applications. Python is a general-purpose programming language; that is, you can use it to write codes for a wide variety of application fields. You can use Python to build web apps, desktop apps, perform some scientific computations, or, if you're reading this article, learn and implement various data science concepts.

Sometimes, you even learn Python for the sole purpose of learning a programming language — which was my intention to learn the languages a decade ago — rather than learning it to use it for a specific purpose…

Start your open-source journey now.

Open-source software has enabled us to do many things we couldn’t do before. Open-source software is one that its base code can be accessed and modified by anyone — as long as the modification and usage follow the release license. Often, open-source projects are shared through GitHub, GitLab, or any other public repository system.

As developers and data scientists, contributing to an open-source project have many potential benefits, such as learning a new skill, connecting with the community, building a strong network, and honing your skills. …

Learn and hear stories on the go

We all live busy lives; there are always many things going on at the same time. Throughout our day, we try to work on ourselves, move our skills further, and create new, better opportunities for our future selves. But, sometimes, taking the time to learn new skills is not that easy of a task.

Ever since I was a high school student, I taught myself to multi-task. I was always eager to learn new skills to better myself, but I had many chores and tasks that needed to get done. So, I was and still am a fan of learning…

Packaging and distributing your work doesn’t need to be a tedious task.

Developers and programmers are always learning; their life and their career choice is a never-ending learning journey. In fact, most programmers and data scientists join the field because they have curious minds, and they love to learn and develop their knowledge base.

When you start learning Python, whether to use it to build data science applications or just to build a general programming initiative, you can find many resources and learning paths you can use as a guide throughout your journey. But, these paths and resources often focus more on some aspects of the learning than on others.

One of…

Elevate your code’s quality and readability of your Python code

When you decide to learn/ use a programming language, you will have to do some reading and research to choose a language so your choice would be valid. One of the things you may consider — especially if this is your first programming language — is how easy the language is to learning and use.

In my opinion, programming languages are different, some languages are difficult to learn, but once you know the basics, you can write solid code using it. …

Sara A. Metwalli

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